About the book:

about twins of tessar

about twins of tessar

Thirteen-year-old Yolanda lives alone in her ramshackle house in the backwoods. When she looks in her mirror and sees a boy’s face instead of her own, she panics. Could it be her twin, the one Mama wouldn’t talk about before she died?

Yolanda runs to the hills to find the old midwife who delivered her, the one person in the world who knows. Did she ever have a twin brother?

The midwife says she is not crazy, and that she does have a twin brother who disappeared just after their birth. She also tells Yolanda that she has a unique talent – the vision to see the truth.

That night her twin appears again, reflected in a hidden lake under a full moon. Yolanda dives in after him, determined to find some answers. She steps out into another world, in another time. The boy is gone and the ancient spirit land is under siege.

Yolanda befriends a warrior girl named Ming. Chased by guards and bandits, they trek across the East to a distant mountaintop where all the answers lie.

She’s found her power, the vision to see the truth. But can she trust it enough to see the real boy, the one behind the reflection?

The Twins of Tessar is a fast-paced coming-of-age adventure, enjoyed by both young adults and adults.

About the Author:

cc_11-08_bookChristine Castigliano has made stories and pictures ever since she picked up her first crayon. She has also pumped gas, sewed bras, waited tables, sung with gospel, jazz and pop groups, wrote travel articles, illustrated newspapers, directed videos, and designed websites, film sets, magazines and T-shirts.

She lives with her husband and daughter on a renovated farm in Washington state. The Twins of Tessar is her first novel.

send christine a message at fans at twinsoftessar dot com.

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